Homesteading: The Old and New Home Improvements

The term "homesteading" has had numerous definitions and interpretations over the years. Currently, it is used to define a lifestyle that promotes greater self-sufficiency. While the word may bring visions of farm living to mind, one can effectively homestead from nearly any location. Modern homesteaders will frequently use eco-friendly and efficient means of providing their homes with energy such as wind turbines and solar power. They may grow gardens in their yards or have box gardens on their patios or balconies. The vegetables from their garden can help serve as a source of food, the excess of which can be shared with neighbors or like-minded individuals.

In some cases, homesteaders may also choose to raise chickens. Prior to doing so, one must check with their city or state government for any restrictions that may prevent having chickens on their property. People often raise chickens for eggs, food, fertilizer, or all of the above. Choosing the right type of chicken is often dependent on knowing what its purpose is. For example, certain chicken breeds are best for laying eggs, while others are larger and better for their meat.

In addition to creating some of their own energy and growing or raising their own food, homesteaders may also make some of the items in their home by hand. Skilled homesteaders may sew the clothing that their family wears or use their skills to repair items that have torn or become frayed. People who are able to sew may also make certain items for the home, such as pillows, drapes or curtains, and quilts. Woodworking is yet another valuable skill for homesteaders to have. People with woodworking skills may create furniture for their homes, sell it to others, or even use their skills to build a chicken coop.



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