As promised, I've put together this little contact page to help everyone keep in touch, plan get togethers, or just plain stalk people that you used to think were cute.

If you know ANYBODY who is NOT on this list, have them email me with their information. If you have any pics (of yourself or others) that you'd like to have posted here, email them to me as well!

Mark Maggiore (Click here to email)
  Mark Maggiore/Bugs Bunny/Steve Martin/Dick Tracy
1929 North Floyd Road
Richardson, TX 75080
Click here to email

STILL single (can you BELIEVE it?!?), Dashingly handsome, No kids (WHEW!), Was once a clay animator on The Adventures of Gumby. Currently a Web Developer for Carter-Burgess. In just ONE year I bought a house, bought a craps table, bought a red Mustang, swam with a dolphin, threw a little Time Machine party, and put together this web page. Did I mention dashingly handsome?
  Cheryl Buccigrossi/Cheryl Bagsomegroceries/Minnie Mouse
148 N. Spring Creek Drive
Richardson, TX 75081

Married Greg Bushell (Wishes she had married me). No children. Currently works for the City of Richardson as a Building Inspector.
  George Castaneda/Office/Podium
5445 Preston Oaks # 417
Dallas, TX 75240

Works for ABC Radio Networks/Radio Disney in the Finance Dept. Maintains books for 15 Radio Disney stations through out the US. He started at ABC after 12 years with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter.
  Judy Chappetta/Cat Woman
5908 Flagler St.
Metairie, LA 70003

Well, what can I say. I am back in New Orleans, and I have been here for almost 3 years now. I own my own little business, I work my own hours and out of my house. No, I'm not a hooker. I sit up. I'm a scopist and proof- reader for court reporters. I went to school for court reporting myself in Dallas, but I have not been back to finish yet. This keeps me pretty busy. I'm still single and have no kids. I don't bash men the way I use to. Now I just giggle at them behind their back. As for having kids, my brother and sisters gave me about 12 nieces and nephews, and seeing as I think they are nuts, it's probably best if my maternal instincts stay in hibernation.

I have no prison record and I'm not an alcoholic or drug addict, so I guess I am doing a lot better then some people thought I would.
  Kent Christensen/Jaws
2636 Mossvine Dr.
Carrolton, TX 75007

I got out of prison in early '87, of which I was serving time, for developing the virus that shut down the Pentagon's Main Frame Computer. I served 5 years of probation, after prison, where I was forced to join Hackers Anonymous. Two years into my stint with Hackers Anonymous I became the president. This was merely a front to hide the bigger endeavors of shutting down the FBI and CIA computers in '93 and '95 respectively. Since the successful hack of the FBI and CIA Computers, I have been quietly sponsoring computer hackers that have created such successful viruses such as the 'Love Letter' and 'Melissa' viruses. Presently I work for Steve Jobs, President of Apple computers, as VP of Preventative Sales directed at a little known company called Microsoft. The Mesa Systems address you see below is purely a sham to hide my tasks at Apple Computers, Inc. Look out users of Windows ME...

A month after I got out of prison in '87 my wife Beth, became pregnant with our daughter 'Cami.' Go figure I would marry a fertile women (No Practice at all...) Cami is now 13. While I was President of Hackers Anonymous we had our son 'Logan' he is now 11.

By the way... Don't click on my picture if you want to use your computer ever again...
  Tammy Cole/House Mouse/Little Miss Muffet
(Info available on request)

Married to Matt Thompson (Wishes she had married me), since 1987. 3 kids: Tyler, aged 12; Tara, aged 10; and Nora, aged 8. Opened her own business in 1997 - a children's petting zoo called That Critter Place. Takes her critters to daycare centers, school events, and church festivals. Although I am VERY impressed, I'd still be MORE impressed if she could find a penguin for me to play with.
  Kathy Cozart/Manager/Mother Goose
Rest in Peace Kathy...you are missed!

She was the Cash Office Manager at Tom Thumb #572 in Flower Mound, Tx. Had been there for years, even though Safeway bought them out (Just CAN'T take a hint). Same kids, plus 3 grandkids. Kept in touch with many of her MTM kids. Still had her Remanco Key (Who DOESN'T?). Wished I would shut up and marry ANYBODY!
  Christine Culpepper/Ellie Mae Clampett/Flo (from Alice)
100 Shady Springs Lane
Royse City, TX 75189

Married to Randy Culpepper since 1991. One kid, Faith Renee (4 yrs old & wants to marry me), that is every bit as ornery as her Daddy. Currently working for Two Sisters Catering in Dallas as an event coordinator. It's a fun job that allows me to spend other people's money on trivial things like ice sculptures, flowers, and 50 bucks per plate for 200 of their closest friends. Spending Randy's money is great. But spending other people's money is even BETTER!!
  Randy Culpepper/Dr. Emmit Brown
100 Shady Springs Lane
Royse City, TX 75189

Married to Christine Baumann (Wishes he married me??!!) (Randy wrote that!). One kid, Faith Renee (4 yrs old & wants to marry me), that is just as beautiful as her Mommy. Currently working for Texas Instruments in their Radio Frequency Identification division as their webmaster/ graphic designer/ protype concept designer. Great way to save money huh? Hire one guy to do the job of three? Oh well. It's job security. Currently going back to school for my MBA in e-Commerce. Why? Well money of course...AND Christine likes her toys. You know the saying....a happy wife makes for a happy life.
  Don Dixon/Sherlock Holmes/the Scarecrow/Opus from Bloom County
8832 Kentshire Way
Sacramento, CA

After finishing the "piled higher and deeper" I escaped from the Dallas PD (where I had been a crime analyst for 8 years) and got myself hired on the left coast. I am teaching criminal justice (crime mapping, information systems for CJ, computer crime, theory and intro...I'm trying to get them to let me teach research methods and data analysis but they don't think any of our students will sign up). I've never worked harder in my life and I've never been happier.

I'm still with Linda, it will be 28 years soon. Alex is 21, Rebecca is 20 and Halley in nearly 18. They are all doing fine.
  Lance Eakright/Bamm Bamm
(Info available on request)

Hi, my name is state your name. I was Bamm Bamm. I worked at MTM from '79 until '87. I was absolutely the funniest greatest most shy food server ever. I was never late or obnoxious or silly or loud. I never got fired or suspended. Ok, I did a couple of times but hey, who didn't? I still regard MTM as the greatest job I have ever had. What other job can you go and yell at people and be rude and make fun of their clothes and get tipped for it? No, not the DMV, you don't get tips there. I loved it their. I would still be there except they won't let me. I got married in June of '98 on the north shore of Kauai to my best friend (no not Doug Williams) Angela. We met in 1994. She is the greatest thing in my life. No kids yet, just a lot of practice. Since my MTM days, I was a roadie for ZZ TOP, co-owned a limo company, worked for a couple of radio stations, worked in a night club, managed a topless bar (Mark, that's women that don't wear tops, not the hat thing you're thinking), worked for a small computer company and now Supre Tanning and Skin Care products for 10 years now. We primarily make tanning accelerators for the indoor tanning beds. It's fun. I travel quite a bit. Hey Mark, how many words was this supposed to be? Ok, I'm done. I do miss my MTM family. Thank you for making it such a great place to work. I love you all. And thanks to all the people that ate there and made a great audience.
  Mark Fisher/Luke Skywalker/Bond...James Bond
121 Arcadia
Hurst, TX 76053

Married to Melea Fisher. No kids. Nice Butt. Works for the American Red Cross (As if disaster victims didn't have ENOUGH problems!).
  Melea Fisher/Princess Leia/Batgirl
121 Arcadia
Hurst, TX 76053

Married to Mark Fisher (Wishes she had married me). No kids. Hoping to start a cottage industry selling homemade soaps and candles.
  Cindi Fitzgerald/Toni The Tiger/Nurse Goodbody
2109 Oak Brook
Richardson, TX 75081

Married to a wild and crazy foreigner (named Leif, pronounced 'Life': people kept telling me to get a life, so I did). I don't think he married me for my big American breasts, that came later with the kids and nursing. Shown here is the latest of our offspring (okay, okay, so it's practically a glamour shot, but who wouldn't look good with an accessory like this, and I needed some excuse for the extra chin). Solvay is now 10 months, our older daughter Alina is almost 3 years old. I have spent my entire post-Time Machine career at Ericsson, and lived abroad a couple of times in Sweden and Germany. Now I'm 'on sabbatical' (fancy term for extended maternity leave) while I finish up my MBA at SMU (Maggiore's alma mater, and look what it did for him).
  Brent Flynn/Scooby Doo/Indiana Jones
716 James Drive
Richardson, TX 75080

  Don Ford/Fred Flintstone
2627 Zelrich Lane
Dallas, TX 75229

Who'dve ever thunk it? An MTM'er on the right side of the law! Don is a parole officer for Dallas County, so I'm sure he'll be providing me with the whereabouts of TONS of MTM'ers I was unable to locate.
  Andy Gonzales/Underdog
3990 Spring Valley Rd. #1138
Dallas, TX 75244

He's single but steady (Hey, I don't write ALL of these thing!). He has two lovely daughters, Maria 18 and Jessica 6. He's in the catering business. He's a Director in a charitable organization called the Sterling Society. He has a degree in Horticulture and BBA in Strategic Management.
  Erica and John Granzberg/Robin The Boy Wonder/Radar O'Reilly
4231 Phoenix
Carrollton, TX 75010

Married to each other. No kids. John works for FedEx and Erica just keeps watching the movie Castaway over and over and over again.
  Brian Hoffman/Elwood Blues/Elmer Fudd/Romeo
1313 Spring Ridge Ln
Flower Mound Tx 75028

I still see Brian ALL the time. He's in my fantasy football league and my poker group. He works for Bank of America Commercial Card Services (9 yrs). He's married (6/17/95) to Jodi, has two children, Jordan (4 1/2 yrs) and Zachary (21 months), and has way too many baby pictures.
  John R. Homsher/Davey Crockett
5716 N Mcvicker Ave
Chicago, Il 60646

I have been in the witness protection program for the last 15 years but now my cover is blown. Thanks alot.
So what can I tell you! I have been in Chicago for 12 years now and involved in the commercial real estate industry since I left MTM. I am a partner in a 30 year old company called Podolsky Northstar Realty Partners. We specialize in office, industrial, property management, investments and development. I focus on office properties and investment sales.
Life is good, I am still single and that allows me to travel quite a bit. However, if anyone has a hot sister or friend they want to introduce me to let me know. I have been doing self supported bicycling trips through Europe the past 5 years with friends and have had great experiences. We should have held a Spring Extravaganza in Amsterdam!
  Ron Johnson/Old MacDonald
57 Watson St
Portland, ME 04103

I am currently living in Portland, Maine, managing a restaurant in the area. I plan on returning to school soon for computers. The past 15 years in the restaurant business have been the funnest 50 years of my life. Need I say more?

I would love to hear from any of my old buddies (Kari Bowman, Kathy Francis, Lee Harris, Barry, etc.)
  Karren Kingery/Wonder Woman
11545 County Road 630
Blue Ridge, TX 75424

Married 13 years (Wishes she had married me), two kids, living quietly in the country and a cook for Applebee's for four years running.
  Suzi Lehman/Suzanne L. Johnson/Toucan Sam
1001 Fannin, Rm. 2626
Houston, Texas 77002

Sends VERY short emails from her Blackberry while in rush hour traffic. Says she's still living a kind of "overscheduled" life. She's a lawyer, married to a lawyer (THAT'LL be a fun divorce!). Has two children, Winnie (age 6) and Laura Lee (age 3).
  Lamar Livingston- Killer Bee, Capt. Kidd, Mr. Rogers
2924 Ridgewood Drive
Hurst TX, 76054

Lamar is the Technical Director at the Meyerson Symphony Center. He's married (so, so much for THOSE rumors!). His wife is Becky, he has three stepchildren: Colbie, Scott, Brandon, 4 dogs, and 2 cats (Jeez, I hope he has a big house). He wanted everyone to know that he's an Aries, his favorite color is green, and that he enjoys music and movie theater popcorn. Apparently he thought this was a singles ad webpage.
  Trent Meyers/Chicken Man
3747 Cole Avenue #138
Dallas, TX 75204

Single. No kids. Finally shaved his mustache. Works for Perot Systems and travels a lot.
  Niki Moore/Snow White/Juliet/Cleopatra/Mary Katherine Gallagher
4701 Carolina Trace Trail
Keller, Tx 76248
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Recently out of hiding in California and on her way back to the Big D.

Single, but engaged(not to Mark-though he is dashingly handsome) and no kids...
  Gary Dean Murray/Henry VIII
1229 Saturn Springs Road
Garland, TX 75041-2819

I was born a poor, black child....
No, wait. I was born is St. Louis, escaped to Texas as an infant. Lived in Houston, Baytown and Austin before getting stupid and moving to Dallas to start a Deep Ellum Bar. Worked at the Time Machine about ten years too long, but made some great friends and even greater enemies. I am currently doing some standup on the road but mostly teaching defensive driving for The Comedy Defensive Driving School. Also a IDT certified trainer for different curriculums. I do some film staff writing for the City Web and freelance writing projects. Last freelance gig was in Entertainment Showcase. I am currently thinking about chunking everything and finding a real (9 to 5) job that everyone I know says I will hate.
  Chris Myers/Skipper/Thor
1350 N Valley Parkway
Lewisville, TX 75077

Married 4 years. Living in Lewisville. 2 beautiful kids named Emily, who's 3 and Brett, who just turned 1....I was in the radio business full time up until about 2000 and now I'm a full time Loan Officer at Reliance Mortgage in Dallas. Quite the transition, ain't it? But, I still have the wrestling and radio bug though as I currently host "Bonecrusher Sunday Night" on the New 93.3 The Bone from 10pm-12a each..well..Sunday night. Since I can't wrestle anymore, I talk about it. I also host an Internet Wrestling Report each Tuesday and Friday night. Every once in a while, I still think about the late 80's /early 90's at the Time Machine and wonder "with as much as we partied and drank, why we aren't all dead or lying drunk in a gutter somewhere?" God Bless Kathy Cozart.... Check out my website at www.bigtimedj.com.
  Kellee Murrell/Aphrodite/Elvira
537 Westhaven Drive
Hereford, TX 79045

Single. No kids. Works as an artist in Hereford, TX. She hopes to have her work in a gallery next year. She has a Blue Healer named Cloey. She still hates lobsters. When she get's that package full of plastic and rubber lobsters I sent her, she's going to remember that she was never that fond of me.
  Susan Plog/Susan Markis/Eliza Doolittle/Pinky Tuscadero
3231 Julian St.
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 898-4580

It seems like yesterday I was eating barely touched birthday cakes from bus tubs and speaking in a cockney accent that had an annoying way of turning Japanese. I can still smell those curtains from 802 -- some sort of cheddar cracker, dirty rag mixture. Ewww! Anyway, I traded in my pink vinyl pantsuit for a job in advertising. I'm a copywriter for a company in Denver. That means I'm responsible for all those radio/TV commercials you probably turn off/tune out. I have a great life -- awesome husband-to-be, happy dog, neat job, cool house, car that runs and good health. Oh, and still a pretty bad-ass shoe collection.
  Karen Smith/Swiss Miss/Winnie the Pooh/I Dream of Jeannie
7650 McCallum Blvd #2002
Dallas, TX 75252

Single. No kids. Glad that Trent finally shaved his mustache. Works in an Optometrist's office and tells tons of horror stories about eye surgeries.
  Tracy Stevens/Tracy Greaber/Manager/Lucy Van Pelt
1720 Peregrine
Corinth, TX 75067

Married Stacy Greaber (Actually DOESN'T wish she had married me). No kids. Works in the corporate offices of Applebee's where according to Cheryl, she does not keep a close enough tab on grass height.
  Mary Kay Stockinger (Wagner)/Dorothy/Pink Panther/Maid Marion
1327 43 1/2 Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Recently married Jeffrey Wagner (May 2003) and enjoyed a 10 cruise in Tahiti as a honeymoon. Jeff and I are expecting a baby girl in April we plan to name Grace Ann. Pregnancy is delightful...NOT!!! Jeff and I have two dogs, a choc. lab, Cinnamon and a cocker mutt named Sweet Pea, they are our children for now! Currently I am working as the marketing manager for ServiceMaster Clean & Superior Construction Services. I have been with them for 2 1/2 years now and love my job. I basically do relationship building (lunches and golfing) with insurance adjusters and agents as I market disaster restoration (fire, water, storm damage).
  Kelly Tayor/Mr Rogers/Klinger
4101 SE 12th St
Del City OK, 73115
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Hey Mark! Kelly Taylor here (Mr Rogers/Klinger circa 1990/91). I was overjoyed to find your site via the MTM MySpace group! I have some pics from whatever we called that drunken melee/awards ceremony we had with the crash funds at year's end. I'll send them asap. Until then, enjoy my ugly face! Take care & can't wait until the next MTM reunion!! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for running this site. I'm reeling with what I believe to be memories just seeing the old faces. I often sing "Look! There's plates! There in the rumble seat!" & people look at me more oddly than they normally do.
  Gena Weaver/Laverne/Snow White/Belle/Marge Simpson
611 N FM 1660
Hutto, TX 78634

Married John Drummond (Wishes she had married me). Moved to Hutto, TX (No, I don't know where it is either). No kids. Works as an Admissions Librarian(?) at a hospital. Is apparently going bald, as she sent all of her hair to my party.
  Ray Whitworth/Disc Jockey
209B Town North
Terrell, TX 75160

I was the D.J. at the San Antonio MTM in spring 1974 one night a week. In Nov. 1983 I was the Full time DJ at MTM in Addison. Kathy French knew me, along with James Oberg. I was there from Nov. 1983 - July 1985. I am currently doing voice promotions, after having News/Traffic stints at KRLD and actually filling in for Bill Mack on "The Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network" Via ABC network and WBAP. I have done commercials for The Incredible Universe,and acted in "Born on the Fourth of July."
  Doug Williams/Mork from Ork/Scoobie Doo/Huckleberry Finn
3821 Lancelot Place
Garland, TX 75043

Single/No Children(that I know of). Network Field Engineer Darwin Networks. Hobbies: Skinny Skiing, Bullfights on acid (and apparently watching Caddyshack). Thought for the day: Every man needs to believe in something.....I believe I'll have another beer! Fav movie:blue. Fav color:Slingblade. Fav book: Tom Clancy's "RedStorm Rising."
  Peggy Zeller/Tinkerbell
6310 Shady Brook Ln
Dallas, TX 75206

After life at the Magic Time Machine, I finished up my BA in Political Science at North Texas (graduated in 1995). I worked for a couple of years at an Oil & Gas company doing state and federal regulatory work and some accounting. At that point I began taking accounting classes. I quit that job to take a two month trip with my sister around the world. Even though we went around the world, we only stopped in a few places. The pictures can be seen at paznkatz.shupp.org. Since returning, I have been busy with accounting consulting jobs and hope to become a full fledged CPA this May when I sit for the CPA exam for the first time (fingers crossed). I am also part owner (and accountant) of a small webhosting company called MerchBox. My two kittens are Ziggy and Linus (that are in the picture with me) and my partner (also in the picture) is Bill Shupp.
  Jeff Zubick/Cub Scout
1144 Stoneridge
Spring Valley, CA 97119

While busing a table just the other day, at the local Waffle house, I got to reminiscing about the MTM "Disappearing Butter Trick." What a legacy left behind, not to mention the pads of butter slowly dislodging from the ceiling above. Amusing. Certainly not as amused, the night cleaning crew. I never did this of course, and Kathy French can't prove a it. . . . You know I would be an Assistant Manger buy now if it wasn't for those few complaint letters to Waffle house management. Hope to get moved up to "fries" by Summer. Until then, schlepping design for Theme Parks like Sea World (San Diego), Jackie Chan (HongKong) and Pier 39 (San Francisco) and an particulary odd specialty for the Military, unmentionable. Lets just say I put the "classy" in classified.

Accidentally moved to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1990, got a great deal on two beautiful kids, Jojo and Winnie. In San Diego since 2000.
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