Civil Engineering

Provides roadway and drainage design which include paving, grading, and drainage design, erosion and flood control, traffic studies and bridge scour studies and evaluations.

Provides civil infrastructure design which include intersection studies and analysis, preliminary assessments, site investigations, site planning, and development.

Provides rapid transit and railroad design which include parking facilities layouts, passenger transfer locations planning and design, site grading and drainage design, noise abatement studies and design.

Provides hydraulics and hydrology, which include flood frequency analysis, urban hydrology and studies, interagency coordination, open channel design and flood mitigation, and flood insurance studies.


ZJM Engineers, Inc., a minority owned business, was established in 1998 to provide quality consulting engineering services to both public and private agencies. The firm's primary areas of specialization include Civil and Transportation engineeering, Environmental Engineering design and management, Rapid Transit facilities and infrastructure design, Hydraulics and Hydrologic design, utility design and relocation.

The founder, Zablon Mmbifwa, P.E. has over 12 years of progressive and responsible professional experience in project planning, design, and management. He approaches each project task with total commitment and endeavors to successfully meet all project and client requirements by establishing and maintaining continuous client communication, providing innovative technical solutions, and meeting project schedules within budget.

ZJM Engineers, Inc. is a certified Disadvantaged Minority Business Enterprise (D/M/BE) by the North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency (NCTRCA # BMDB14790Y0403).

ZJM Engineers, Inc. (ZJM) is a Civil and Environmental engineering firm specializing in roadway design, storm drainage design, environmental planning, water and wastewater design, solid and hazardous waste management, hydrology, and hydraulics.

ZJM Engineers, Inc. has demonstrated expertise in all phases of Civil Engineering and Environmental Management. Our previous project services have included roadway design, drainage studies, storm sewer design services, water and sanitary sewer design services, environmental compliance reviews, site investigation and remediation, and flood plain management.

ZJM Engineers, Inc. has successfully completed projects in the areas of Transportation Engineering, Hydrology, and Hydraulics. Our numerous project tasks have provided us with the ability to respond to your future project needs. As you will note during the review of our abilities, we are performing on meaningful projects for reputable clients. We have the ability to handle your most demanding projects while retaining our personal and attentive attributes. Most importantly, we have earned a reputation for economic and knowledgeable solutions to complex design problems.

We are a unique and interdisciplinary firm. Our approach to project management includes a careful and broad overview of the total project which includes considerations to the physical surroundings, our client's special needs, cost implications and restrains, long term political implications, and public perceptions of the proposed improvements.

Our professional staff consists of highly qualified engineers, planners, environmental scientists who utilize their diverse and well rounded experience in the solution of our client's problems. Consequently, you are assured of our firm's total commitment throughout the execution of your project from contract signing to final completion. We believe in working in such a manner that all parties involved including the client, our staff, the community, and our environment can benefit positively.