Urban and Regional Planning

Provides major investment studies, airport planning, highway planning, route studies, and schematic design.


Provides topographic and boundary surveys.

CADD drawings can be incorporated in all studies, assessments, or investigation reports conducted and produced by ZJM.

Personnel include a diversity of disciplines experienced extensively in various aspects of transportation and environmental engineering.



The quality of our people and their mastery of the issues facing the transportation and environmental industry-driven and tested over the years. Create ongoing value for our clients and distinguish us from our competitors.

Our people draw from an enormous wealth of experience and talent to resolve the client issues. When you bring ZJM resources to bear on a problem, you receive:

  • Top notch, highly motivated people, who start with the depth of industry knowledge that you need at the beginning of your project.

  • Cutting-edge thinking -our people pride themselves on their ability to anticipate, understand, and create solutions for the issues and problems that face our clients, in some cases before our clients have even recognized them.

  • Rigorous qualitative and quantitative analysis that supports our conclusions and, equally critical, helps build consensus within an organization.

  • A team of people working in partnership with you, willing to interact at all levels of your organization, to ensure that our work is well understood, effectively implemented, and useful long after we have left your projects.

  • Currently, the firm provides the following consulting services:

    • Roadway Design

    • Storm Drainage Design

    • Hydrologic and Hydraulic Studies

    • Environmental Impact Statements

    • Environmental Assessments

    • Site Planning and Engineering

    • Water and Wastewater Design

    • Flood Plain Management

    • Infiltration/Inflow Analysis

    • Environmental Site Assessments (Phases I, II, III)

    • Solid Waste Management

    • Hazardous Waste Management

    • Asbestos Management and Control

    • Underground Storage Tank Management

    • Asbestos Management and Control

    • Environmental Audits

    • Land Surveying
We provide our clients with sound judgment and sophisticated thinking complemented by a set of tangible tools, be they design recommendations, facility studies, operation and maintenance programs, assessments, construction documents and surveys.

This package of skills and tools help executives in the transportation and environmental technology field chart a precise course forward with increased awareness about the future and improved confidence in their ability to adjust that course to meet unanticipated challenges.