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Welcome to www.maggiore.net
The Interactive King of All Media Newsletter -Want to read the latest scoop on The King of All Media? Here's a daily newsletter which covers the exploits of Howard Stern.
The King of All Losers Howard Stern Web Page -Can't get The King of All Media in your area? Miss a show? Find out what happened every single day at Mark Mercer's Howard Stern Site.
The Internet Movie Data Base -Need to know ANYTHING about ANY MOVIE? This is the site for you!
E*Trade -If you are a member of E*Trade, and want to see how much money you've lost on your Netscape stock today, then click here!
EBAY -THE internet auction site. Locate hard to find items and bid ridiculously high on them, or do what I do and use it as an internet garage sale. Why throw it away when you can sell it for big bucks?
The TNPFL Site -Follow the Radioactive Turtles on their road to the Superb Bowl!
The Dallas Roto Football League Site -Follow the Viking Potatoes on their road to the Superb Bowl!
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Spice Designs-My sister's interior design company
Solve Scrabble- Use this tool to solve scrabble game puzzles.
Wordmantra Words with letters- Type any random string to find out words with you can make with the letters in the string.