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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Scale Models
Geoff Potter, an Australian fan, created his own version of the Hoyt-Clagwell tractor factory!

It's definitely worth a tour.
The Hoyt-Clagwell motto
Mr. Haney at the Parts Department
A closer view of Mr. Haney bartering for spare parts.
Supplies coming in
Product shipping out
As always, Arnold receives top billing!
Oliver and Arnold visiting the factory
The overall display

Tom Troszak's mother created this EXCELLENT model of Oliver and Lisa's house as a gift for her son.
The front of the Douglas' House (FYI-Oliver is about the size of a dime)
Side view of the Douglas' House (note the "hotscakes" used to fix the roof!)

A close up of the front porch with Arnold
The rear of the farm
(note the shower and the cornfield where you'll find Eb's buddy the scarecrow!)
Bedroom side of the house
(Note the closet, that Alf and Ralph never quite finished, where you can see Lisa's clothes!)
Good shot of the rear of the house and the shower

Bill Hedges is in the process of building a scale model of Hooterville (1/87th).

He's off to an EXCELLENT start. Check back here to see future progress.
An aerial view of the Douglas' Farm
A front view of the Douglas' Farm
Mr. Haney's Farm
The Ziffel's Farm (Where's Arnold?)
On to Petticoat Junction (Note the sisters bathing in the water tower!)
The Shady Rest

Roger "Bear" Yurek is also in the process of building his own scale model of Hooterville.
He's off to a good start. Check back here to see future progress.
Here's a good shot of the completed project
The barn from the opening credits
Check out the Hoyt-Clagwell and the Hooterville volunteer firemen