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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
By "popular" request, here are some images suitable for desktop wallpaper.

Each image is 800 X 600, just the perfect size for your screen! (unless of course your screen is larger or smaller)

Laptop and monitor screens come in a variety of sizes. Whatever the screen size, learn how to clean laptop screen or clean a monitor screen properly.

To install the wallpaper, simply click on the smaller image to bring up a new window with the full size image. Right click on the full size image, and select "save image" to download it. Save it to your windows directory (or any directory where you can find it). Click the "start" button on your windows toolbar, go to "settings", then "control panel." From your control panel, select "display," in the "background" section, click the "browse" button, locate the image file name, double click on it, from the drop down box select "stretch," then click "apply" and "ok."



The house and tractor

The Hoyt-Clagwell Logo

Mr. Douglas and Eb

Trying to Pull Up a Tree Stump

Oliver and Lisa's House

Mr. Haney's Truck

Mr. Haney

The Grabwell Washer

The ULTIMATE wallpaper...
Oliver and Lisa selecting...