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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Links O'plenty!
  1. Smiley Burnette - Cowboy Comic - You knew him better as conductor Charlie Pratt of the Cannonball!
  2. Nick at Night's TV Land
  3. The Wacky World of KuKuAchoo
  4. The Final Resting Place of the Hooterville Cannonball
  5. Classic TV Hits Green Acres Site
  6. The Hooterville Trilogy
  7. 100 Greatest TV Characters
  8. Frank Inn Obituary
  9. Camp Green Acres
  10. Green Acres' DVD Season Two Review
  11. Green Acres Inn
  12. Xena Acres
  13. Interesting Ideas
  14. An Episode Guide
  15. Green Acres Trivia from IMDB
  16. Song Parody
  17. Green Acres School
  18. Organic Eddie
  19. Green Acres on ESPN?
  20. Arnold on Snopes
  21. Eva Gabor Gallery
  22. Wikipedia: Hooterville
  23. A Sid Melton Interview
  24. A Green Acres Timeline
  25. Green Acres-A Tribute
  26. A Site About...Pumpkin
  27. Eva Gabor's Death
  28. Jethro's (Max Baer, Jr.) Casino
  29. A Blog Entry about the Season 2 DVD
  30. Green Acres Trivia Pages
  31. Frank Cady and Family Biography
  32. Senior World Magazine: Alvy Moore
  33. Bernie Kopell on Green Acres
  35. Haynie's (so close!) Green Acres Christmas Tree Farm
  36. "Mr. Kimball" for President
  37. The Hooterville Twitter Page
  38. Old Time Radio Show Catalog
  39. Spice Designs (My sister's interior design company)
  40. Some Green Acres Episodes Reviews
  41. Victoria's Folly" The French Renovation ~ Life and Survival in Southwest France (With some Green Acres thrown in!)
  42. National Livestock Producers Association
  43. The Vehicles of Green Acres
  44. Green Acres Home Center
  45. Arnold Ziffel in Court?!?

Know of any OTHER Green Acres or Green Acres related sites or are any of the ones I have listed "defunctificated?"   Email me and I'll add or delete them quicker than you can say, "Hootersville, dahling!"