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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Tyco's Cannonball
Unfortunately, there were not many Green Acres items released to commemorate the show.

Of the few items, the best by far wasn't even really a Green Acres item...It was promoted as a Petticoat Junction item...the Tyco Hooterville Cannonball!

Released in 1966, this trainset really captured the spirit of the Cannonball which was often depicted in Green Acres, as well as Petticoat Junction.

The detail on the train is incredible and even the interior and exterior of the box it came in was filled with tons of fun from Hooterville!
Front of the Box
Side of the Box
Interior of the Box
Out of the Box
Some Fun Extras That Were Later Put Out
Click Here to See It In Action!
QUITE the bargain at only $34.98!
They Even Had Fun Ads with Cast Members