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filmways presentation, dahling
Green Acres
...Episode Fifty Two

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Oliver and Lisa attend the State Convention of the Farmer's Alliance.

While there, Oliver meets "an old friend" Wanda Hill (Third balloon from the left in the Boston Follies). At first, Lisa is very jealous, but then it turns out that she knows Wanda's husband Charlie. He was her mother's bootlegger.

Although Charlie is now a farmer, as the foursome parties the nights away at the convention, it is apparent from Charlie's stories that he's still very much a racketeer, and he takes a great interest in "helping" Oliver and Lisa's farm.

A few days later, Charlie and Wanda visit Green Acres and give Oliver a blue tractor, 30 cows, a milking machine and a yellow combine. Lisa gets a fur coat, several pieces of jewelry, and her own bag of money. Even Eb scores some swag, as he's given $50.00 to give Charlie's hired hand some "hired hand lessons." Soon reports of thefts throughout the valley make it clear where all of these presents have come from, and Oliver returns all of the items and notifies the police.

It seems like everyone escaped any serious trouble, until we find out that Eb gets arrested for trying to spend a counterfeit $50.00 bill!

Churning butter?!? Of course not, Lisa is washing Oliver's socks.


Wanda Hill and her husband, Charlie.


Lisa gets her own bag of money!

Charlie's farm consisted of 5000 acres, 150 cows, and 5000 chickens.

The Hooterville crime spree consisted of 30 cows, a blue tractor, a milking machine, a red combine, 60 cans of yellow paint, and $3000.00.
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